Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2020

With smoke spanning the width of the Tasman Sea, ultimately landing on the shores of our neighbours across the ditch, the unprecedented 2020 Australian Bushfires, saw 33 lives lost,  more than 12.6million hectares of land burnt, 11.3million Australians affected by smoke, along with over 1billion animal lives lost (according to ABC News, 5th March 2020).

Victoria was just one of many states across the country, which saw active bushfires devastate entire communities, initially estimating an unfathomable 200 homes lost, and calculating a staggering 67,000 people, to have fled the fire-ravaged areas. A dry, hot, and windy lead up to summer, made for the unfortunate combination, to what we now know as one of the most detrimental fire seasons our nation has seen.

Pausing traditional summer festivities for weeks, Australian’s across the state, together with the nation watched in total disbelief and baited breathe, as the already horrific and frightfully worsening conditions pointed towards a ‘mega-fire’, as many individual blazes were set to meet.

Communities across Australia responded to such trauma with an indestructible determination and fighting spirit, rallying together to raise funds, set up food banks and endless donation stations. As a nation we positively responded. Foundations were inundated. Not-for-profits across the nation were overrun with clothes, food, and water as we worked to support those in need.

The Eview Group saw no hesitation, with a deep desire to contribute and support in any way they could. Extending an invite to the entire network and their families, company suppliers, close business friends and local community figures, the Eview Group hosted a ‘Pizza and Drinks’ night at their Frankston office. A minimum $10.00 donation upon entry was required, with many additional opportunities to donate throughout the night, saw the total raised exceed $2000.00.

Not only did we intend on raising funds for those directly affected by the fire, we hoped to contribute to the fearless firefighters, bravely risking their lives to help save others. With this in mind, our contribution was donated directly to the Victorian Bush Fire Appeal, an initiative set up by the Bendigo Bank.

Thank you again to everyone for so willingly and generously donating, we look forward to coming together again in more positive circumstances.